Monday, November 12, 2007

Plusses and minuses

Though I have published many articles as a journalist in my lifetime, The Death Wizard Chronicles represents my debut as a novelist. Since (and actually long before) Book One came out in early September, I have been marketing the series like crazy.

Thus far, here's what seems to have worked well and not so well:

1: I attended a large book festival in Florida, had 55 people at my talk, and sold about 40 books. No world record, obviously, but I count that in the plus column.

2: I did an interview for the St. Petersburg Times (Florida's largest newspaper) that ran on the cover of its features section. A big plus.

3: I received a very positive review in the Tampa Tribune, another large Florida newspaper. Another big plus.

4: I did an internet podcast/interview with Mr. Media that has been linked to sites literally all over the world. I would have to think that at least several hundred people have listened to at least parts of the interview, so I count another in the big plus column.

5: I've done two radio interviews, after which my amazon sales seemed to pick up for a day or so ... so another plus.

6: I did one internet/video interview, and again amazon sales seemed to pick up temporarily. A plus.

7: I did six in-person book-signing appearances. Despite a large amount of advance publicity for each signing, these did not go particularly well. I never sold more than nine books at any appearance. About the only good news was that I spoke, face to face, with several hundred people all told, so perhaps some residual benefits will come from that. Still, at this point the bookstore appearances have to go in the negative column. If you're not a big name, it's difficult to attract attention.

8: I have had one great review and two Q/A's on two popular blogs, plus several mentions of my series on others. So, another plus.

Overall, the plusses far outweight the minuses. Again, I'll have to wait and see how much any of this will impact sales, not so much in the short run but in the long run. My fingers are crossed.


Kappa no He said...

Those are some lovely pluses! I'm surprised at the book store gig. But then again maybe not. You're right about the big name. Interesting too how the Amazon sales are so immediately and directly related.

(PS...I haven't forgotten...)

Jim Melvin said...

Amazon reminds me of a rabid dog that you're fending of with shreds of steak. No matter how well your sales go in the short run, your ranking eventually creeps up and up. It's like, once you run out of the steak, that dog is going to turn on you.

(Ha! I'm waiting patiently.)

Michael said...

Hahaha! Now that's funny! Still, I'm glad to hear you're getting some sales going, Jim. From what you've said so far, it seems like you're doing very well for a first time author. Congrats and good good luck on further sales!


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