Sunday, January 13, 2008

How hard do you push? (No sex jokes here)

Most of you will be disappointed to learn that -- in terms of pushing hard -- I'm talking marketing, not sex. But I've been told that if you work the word sex into your blog items, your hits will increase dramatically. So I'm going to write the word sex into this item several times and see if my hits rise. Rise, get it? That's another sex reference. Let's just hope it doesn't cause my hits to shrink. (Sex, sex, sex.)

Here are my questions, in terms of marketing: Can you push too hard? Can you become so excited about what you're doing that it turns off the very people you're trying to turn on? For instance, do you as a potential reader become annoyed when you receive emails from publishers or authors regarding purchasing information and updates on their books? Has an email ever prompted you to buy a book? How about reading a blog? What if I told you that my series has sex in it? Would that prompt you to buy? Or not to buy?

The past several months, I have marketed my butt off -- though I mean that figuratively, because without a butt, having sex would be kind of weird.

Sex, sex, sex. Does sex sell? Will it increase the size of my hits counter?

I'll check tomorrow and see, see, see.

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Beth is wfg said...

*grin* I have no real answers for the marketing p.o.v. although generally speaking...a positive review on a blog I trust will encourage me to buy something, but a bunch of emails marketing a product will often turn me off of that product.

But the 'sex' remarks in this post did make me laugh, I have to admit!

Jim Melvin said...


I have heard it said in many places that working the word sex into your blog items will increase hits. I did this for fun, of course, but also curiosity.

And I agree with you on your "review" vs. "emails" comments. The only way an email is effective with me is if it's an update on a book or product that I'm already sold on.


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