Friday, March 14, 2008

Book review: The New Feminized Majority

Book Review by Jim Melvin
The New Feminized Majority
By Katherine Adams and Charles Derber
2008 Paradigm Publishers

In one of the most super-charged election years in our nation’s history, along comes a book that will stir up the pot even more.

The New Feminized Majority pulls no punches in its assertions that the “Democratic party can lead America for decades” by embracing the “feminized majority.” Suppressed for most of our nation’s history by male-dominated conservatism, this visionary social movement is on the verge of rocking the political landscape.

Made up mostly of women but also of millions of men, the “feminized majority” represents an “increasingly robust majority of voters in this country who are prepared to support a progressive politics of social justice.” This fundamental shift from masculinized values (competitiveness, aggression, individualism, violence as a tool to solve problems) to feminized values (cooperation, empathy, appreciation for equality, nonviolent solutions to conflicts) will help “transform the country and the world, making a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable planet.”

This is not a book that will convert Evangelical conservatives — or virtually anyone who leans well to the right. In fact, they probably could not read past the first few pages without angrily tossing The New Feminized Majority into the nearest fireplace. But liberals, centrists, and even moderate conservatives will discover a treasure trove of information within these pages. It’s not an easy read, but it’s an enlightening one — as well as being topically cutting edge.

According to the authors, the feminized majority’s rise to power will be tantamount to a second American Revolution. The key to this vitally important uprising will lie in the hands of the Democrats — namely Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. By embracing a strategy based on feminized values, the Democratic Party can return to power not just this year, but for the foreseeable future. And if this happens, the United States — and the world — will have much to celebrate.

The New Feminized Majority was printed on recycled paper. Does this please you? If so, then this book probably will please you, too. How smart do you have to be to care for the environment? To be anti-violence? To want to advance the rights of women and minorities? To desire equality and peace in the world?

How smart do you have to be?

Smart enough to read this book.

Smart enough to agree with it.


Michael said...

Nice review. I want to read it! Got a link?

Jim Melvin said...

Good point. I'll add the link into the blog item. I have no idea where you stand politically, but for anyone who leans to the right, this book isn't for them. Ha!

Michael said...

Thanks for the link, Jim! Oh, I'm somewhere between "moderate and extreme" left, all the way.

Michael said...

Oops, I forgot: I tagged you with a meme. You can ignore it, if you want.


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