Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dreaming and screaming

I dreamt the other night that I was a deposed Roman emperor about to regain his power. As I strode from a tunnel into the main arena of a packed coliseum, tens of thousands cheered my return. It was explosively loud.

In response, I raised my arms toward the sky and howled.

Which I apparently did in real life, because I woke myself up while making an extremely weird whining sound. I also woke my wife up, though not all the way, so I couldn't have been making that much noise.

Then I fell back asleep and immediately had another weird dream. This time I dreamt that a co-worker of mine fell over and died of a heart attack. Ambulances came and took his body. As I was walking away from the scene of his death, I turned and saw his ghost walking alongside me. The ghost wore a maniacal grin. Again I howled. And again I woke myself up making the weird whining sound.

What's up with that? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned sex dreams?


Anonymous said...
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Kappa no He said...

I think you're turning into a werewolf.

Also, I wanted to wish you and your family the very best of 2010s. It's been a pure joy getting to know you and I still believe we'll meet up at some writerly thing or another and sit down for a nice long chat.

The first dream is a prediction for the New Year, when The Death Wizard Chronicles gets picked up by *big* publisher. I can't wait!


Jim Melvin said...


That's so nice of you to say, and it'd be a pleasure to meet you in person. As for your prediction, all I can do is continue to hope. The rest is out of my hands. How are your sales going?


Anonymous said...
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