Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day Two of my virtual tour of the blogosphere

Hey, everybody! I just wanted to keep you in touch on my monthlong whirlwind virtual tour of the blogosphere. Day Two can be found here. I'll be posting something every day until the end of the month, for anyone who might be interested.

By the way, I've mentioned before that my books have sold out on Amazon. More will be on the way, but it's taking longer than anticipated for the next shipment to arrive. So, you could order my books on Amazon here and wait a few weeks for delivery. Or order them directly from my publisher here and get them in time for Christmas.

Either way would be great by me!

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Bryan said...

Hi, Jim.

Thanks for your reply. Your books sound intriguing.

If you don't mind, what wordcount do you shoot for in this series? I don't recognize the publisher, is it a small press? Did you get an agent and all that or submit directly to them? Finally, how long have you been writing?

Cat Muldoon said...

Jim, I am enjoying your tour immensely. You are quite a superb marketer and you have some fantastic quotes about your books. I look forward to reading it.
Cat Muldoon
author of the fantasy suspense book Rue the Day: The Undercover Heir book 1

Jim Melvin said...


My entire series is about 700,000 words. It was pitched two different ways: as six books of varying length (book 1 is the shortest at 78,000, book 2 the longest around 140,000) and also as three volumes of two books each (like LOTR). For standalone fantasy, I would think that an author should aim for at least 110,000 words.

Rain went for the six books instead of the three volumes. I did get an agent, Dr. Uwe Stender of TriadaUS, back in 2005, and he shopped it to all the mega-houses. Eventually we settled on Rain, which is a mid-sized, traditional house based in Canada. As for how long I've been writing? As a journalist, more than 25 years. But as a novelist, only about 4 years.

Jim Melvin said...


Thanks so much for your kind words! You also are doing a fantastic job with your series. I've ordered your book and can't wait for it to arrive.

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