Friday, December 21, 2007

Jim Melvin interviews Cat Muldoon: Part 2

Did you ever consider the deeper meaning behind what happens in a book? Beyond the action...beyond the emotion...beyond the obvious details?

One of the great advantages of cruising the blogosphere is that you meet a lot of interesting people who share similar interests. One such person I’ve met while on tour is Cat Muldoon, author of Rue the Day: The Undercover Heir Book 1. Cat is the type of author who is destined for stardom. It's only a matter of when. To learn more about her and her writings, please check out her website here. You won't regret it.

Cat was gracious enough to propose an interview with me, and of course I was happy to return the favor. Part 1 of my interview with Cat appeared last Saturday. Part 2 concludes today. And you can read part 2 of her interview with me here.

Are you aiming for a target audience or does The Undercover Heir transcend genres?

One of my readers just described my writing style as a cross between J. K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkein. That is high praise. If you like those you will like mine.

If you enjoy fantasy, you are likely to enjoy Rue the Day. I would call the book a fantasy suspense, though the publisher dubbed it fantasy romance because there will be a bit more romance in future. I will not write a sickly sweet romance, so each book will be suspenseful and emotionally engaging.

The interesting thing about Rue the Day is that although it is a fantasy, people who do not ordinarily like fantasy enjoy it. I say this because a couple of my relatives have read it, and these are not people who care for books with any fantastical elements. But they liked Rue the Day enough to recommend it to other non-fantasy-readers. Also the critique group I belonged to consisted of people who like only mundane fiction. I was the only person who wrote science fiction and fantasy stories, and they liked my work regardless. Yes, fantasy readers enjoy it too! What a relief!

People who like Terry Goodkind’s books in the Sword of Truth series should like mine, and based on what I have read (my copy has yet to arrive), people who like your books would enjoy mine as well. Isn’t it lovely that novels by different authors can peaceably share a bookshelf? For clarity I will say that my book is more a PG book than an R book. No graphic violence.

Do you prefer sunshine or rain?
I like it all! Sunshine is nice when it is temperate and not too hot, but sunshine all the time would bore me. I adore listening to the rain, especially when it comes at night so that I can fall asleep to it. I even like wild storms providing they are not hurting anyone. But we have been without sunshine for a week, and that is difficult. When the sun peeked out for a few moments earlier (2 minutes tops), I went outside and stood in its rays, giving gratitude. Mind you, it was about 25 degrees at the time.

What are Faeries? And where do they live?
That should be WHO are faeries. They are a different sort of person, from one perspective. Their realm mirrors ours. Time flows differently there, such that a day in Faerie is much longer in mortal terms. You will notice this in the lore. There are various ways one might pass into Faerie, including special mounds and circular groves, and a few other secret ways I had best not reveal.

Are you a much different person now than you were ten years ago?
Interesting question. I don’t believe so. I have learned a few lessons and deepened my desire to make a positive impact on the world, but I do not feel I am significantly different.

Who is your biggest fan?
I have 4 people tussling for the position of biggest fan. One is my web designer Darrell, who said I should give up working for a living and just write novels. That would be lovely! Then there is my friend Seana who has been clamoring for the sequel since she read the last word of Rue, then my friend Bill in Denver who is also eagerly awaiting the sequel, which I will start writing early next year... One of my reviewers, Sadie, couldn’t stop reading the book and wants me to get busy as well.

When you register at my website you might win a set of 4 Celtic music CDs that would be great company as you read Rue the Day. I will give these out next week. You will also receive excerpts of the book and of my stories.

Thank you so much for these insightful questions.


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